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We are now more mobile than ever, travelling billions of miles every year on road and rail systems all over the globe. There are many challenges for engineers and developers in vehicle construction, making sure that we can get to our destinations quickly and safely: vehicles need to be safe, low- maintenance and cost efficient. We offer our support with our thermoplastics to designers and engineers. Depending on application and product, our materials are very resilient, light weight and flame retardant. From traffic signals to cable ducts, transport technology is designed using our material.

Our Clients

ENE Group Ltd.
“We have a long standing relationship with Reilly Plastics. Reilly Plastics provide an excellent service and we find them a very professional company to deal with. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them into the future.”
ENE Group
Slanetrac Engineering
“We have been dealing with Reilly Plastics for years for our engineering plastics. We completely trust the product and service they provide.”
Kepak Group
“I’ve worked with Reilly Plastics for years and find them a very efficient company to deal with, our orders always arrive in perfect condition.”
Kepak Group