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Material within the motorsport industry have the highest requirements. We can supply a varied range of plastics with or without glass and carbon reinforcement. Plastic offers a lower weight compared to metals that are often used in motorsport whilst keeping the toughness, and high dimensional stability, including use at high temperatures. Due to this the vehicles are lighter which means better fuel efficiency while keeping the high performances.

Our Clients

ENE Group Ltd.
“We have a long standing relationship with Reilly Plastics. Reilly Plastics provide an excellent service and we find them a very professional company to deal with. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them into the future.”
ENE Group
Slanetrac Engineering
“We have been dealing with Reilly Plastics for years for our engineering plastics. We completely trust the product and service they provide.”
Kepak Group
“I’ve worked with Reilly Plastics for years and find them a very efficient company to deal with, our orders always arrive in perfect condition.”
Kepak Group