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Our Products

Our High Performance Plastics Range

Certain industries have more technical, high-performance requirements and we cater for those needs with our range of Polyurethane, PUR and Polypropylene plastics. With over 30 years of experience in supplying plastic to Irish firms, you can have confidence that your high-performance specifications will be met by the team at Reilly Plastics Ltd.



Industrial plastic UHMW PE1000 is a high abrasion and wear resistant material.

UHMW-PE1000 Regen (Recycled)

UHMW PE1000 R is a material with repro content.


Available for many different applications, HMW PE500 has good mechanical properties and is very wear, cutting, and scratch resistant.

HDPE 300

HDPE 300 is a high-density polyethylene with very good welding and processing properties.



Polyurethane has a vast spectrum of end uses due to the variety of hardness’s and colours that we are able to supply.


Polypropylene (Round & Flat) (Polyprolene)

PK-Polyketone is a product with very good resilience, low moisture absorption and a very high abrasion resistance.